Now your patients can pay each provider — at once — for premium procedures.

✔ Surgeon + ASC ✔ Surgeon + Co-Managing OD ✔ All 3: Surgeon + ASC + Co-Managing OD With CoFi, each party charges the patient separately and collects directly from the patient. It's like putting the card readers and check deposit apps of everyone involved in the procedure right in your office.

Over 5,500 surgeons, optometrists, and ASCs are on the CoFi platform today. Read testimonials from our growing roster of practice and facility customers.

CoFi payment path

How CoFi works:

With CoFi, invoices are created with the fees of two or more partners, who normally would (or should) bill the patient separately. The patient has one convenient payment event, right at the surgeon's office. Every party — surgeon, co-managing provider, facility, and even the anesthesiologist — separately charges the patient, and collects directly from the patient.

Greater Compliance

No provider or entity ever touches funds due to another provider or entity. CoFi provides the single most compliant way to handle healthcare payments, including co-management fees.

Improved Efficiency

Fewer phone calls from confused patients and frustrated partners. No more "where's my check" questions. And CoFi eliminates reconciling payments, distributing 1099 forms, and more.

Happier Patients

Multiple bills from multiple parties at different times is the bane of the healthcare consumer experience. CoFi eliminates this issue for elective procedures.

Better Collaboration

The surgeon, facility, and (in ophthalmology) the OD can collaborate not just on patient care, but on payments. CoFi provides visibility that reduces confusion and smooths-out partner relationships.

Learn how CoFi can positively impact your patients, practice, and partners.