A better way for surgical facilities to collect payments for premium procedures.

CoFi can help improve compliance, cash flow, staff efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Collaborative payments

With CoFi, patients pay the facility at the same time they pay the surgeon.

CoFi delivers a range of benefits to surgical facilities — from improved cash flow, to reducing inefficiencies, to happier patients.

Get Paid Upfront

Collect IOL / Femto / Facility fees upfront when the surgeon books the patient

Improve Staff Efficiency

Free up your receptionists' workflow and remove the payment conversation from their interaction with the patient

Improve the Patient Experience

Get high marks for overall experience by eliminate collection of high $ payments

Eliminate Refund Hassles

Refunds for cancelled surgeries are handled simply — with a single click

Attract Top Surgeons

Surgeons with high premium conversion rates are turning to CoFi to extend their overall premium experience to the patient experience

Unprecedented Visiblity

CoFi provides reporting on all surgeries, so you can view upcoming and past cases by surgeon, procedure type, lens, laser and more

Simple software

No effort software.

We've made CoFi incredibly easy for surgical facilities to get onboard and use.

Step One: Merchant Setup (5 Mins)

CoFi will collect the business information required for you to receive payment as a Merchant

Step Two: Review Fees (5 Mins)

For each surgical practice you work with, review your per-procedure fee totals and line items for the lens, laser, room fee, etc.

Step 3: See Everything in CoFi

See upcoming surgery dates, payments made, and deposits to your bank account— by patient, surgeon, and procedure.

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