CoFi Launches Integration with Alphaeon Credit to Bring Multi-party Financing to Ophthalmology Practices

Product enables patients to finance the fees of multiple providers in a single credit transaction, with the funds distributed compliantly to each party.

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Holliston, Massachusetts – CoFi, Inc., announced the launch and nationwide availability of a multi-party financing solution, in partnership with Alphaeon Credit, Inc., for ophthalmology practices and their surgical partners. Practices now can offer their patients the ability to finance the fees of every party involved in a premium procedure – such as LASIK, SMILE, premium IOL cataract surgery, and more – with funds distributed compliantly and directly to each party.

CoFi Addresses Significant Financing Challenges for Services Involving Multiple Providers

  • Many elective procedures involve multiple providers, such as the surgeon and the surgery center or hospital, and sometimes a co-managing optometrist.
  • Most often, only the surgeon’s practice is a customer of the patient financing company. It is almost impossible to get all of the parties aligned in the same financing program and offering patients the same plans.
  • Moreover, loan funds are deposited directly to the surgeon’s practice. If the patient’s loan includes other parties’ fees, the surgeon must send those funds to those other providers – which can create the appearance of real and undesirable compliance risks.

CoFi launched its payment software in March 2021 with the ability to facilitate convenient, compliant payments directly to multiple parties when patients paid with cards and checks. With CoFi, each party charges the patient separately and collects directly from the patient. Nearly 1,500 doctors use CoFi for these purposes today.

Now, through this partnership with Alphaeon Credit, CoFi is bringing the same level of convenience and compliance to patient financing:

  • Convenience: Patients can finance the entire procedure, including any party’s fees.
  • Compliance: Funds are distributed directly to each party involved in the procedure – before they reach the surgeon’s bank account.
  • Ease of Adoption: The surgeon’s surgical partners – ASCs, Optometrists, Anesthesiology, etc. – do not need to enroll with Alphaeon Credit.

“Our practice has been using the CoFi-Alphaeon solution for several months now,” said Gregory Parkhurst, M.D., Founder and Physician CEO at Parkhurst NuVision in San Antonio, Texas. “This product addresses the ‘last mile’ of compliance and convenience related to how payments are handled. We no longer have to inconvenience our patients by requiring them to come up with funds or a separate loan to pay the co-managing optometrist or other third-party like the surgery center.”

“This is an exciting moment for our customers, as our product now can processes patient payments by card, check, and financing,” said Sean Hanlon, CEO of CoFi. “CoFi eliminates the frustrating, often confusing patient experience of having to make multiple payments to different providers at different points in time. Through our partnership with Alphaeon Credit, we’re also able to eliminate all of the barriers that had prevented optometrists and ASCs from participating in the patient’s financing.”

Each of the doctors currently on the CoFi platform are eligible to participate. The solution can be turned on for the surgical practices using Alphaeon Credit today and then it’s a quick phone call and a click of a button to enable it for ASCs and co-managing optometrists.

“We chose to partner with CoFi to provide a complete financing option that’s compliant for practices and convenient for patients,” said Tony Seymour, President of Alphaeon Credit. “We have worked closely with the CoFi team to design this solution to meet the needs of our customers and their patients. The product integration aligns to our goal of providing ophthalmic practices with a patient-friendly and easy-to-use financing experience.”


Practices that are new to CoFi can visit to learn more about this patient financing solution plus multi-party patient payments with cards or checks.

About CoFi

CoFi, Inc., provides an innovative, multi-party payment platform for elective medical procedures. Using CoFi, patients can separately pay multiple providers at once. Our software enables providers and surgical facilities to offer a premium payment experience to their patients. CoFi has seen growing market adoption in ophthalmology, where the platform delivers critical payment compliance and work-flow advantages to surgeons, co-managing optometrists, and ambulatory surgery centers for premium cataract and LASIK procedures. Learn more at

About Alphaeon Credit

Alphaeon Credit, Inc., a leading patient financing company based in Newport Beach, California, specializes in providing patients with innovative financing solutions for elective or non-reimbursed healthcare procedures, treatments, and services. Alphaeon Credit Cards are issued by Comenity Capital Bank, a leading retail bank that has over 50 million customers across its portfolio of more than 160 credit card programs. Plastic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, and dentistry practices, partner with Alphaeon Credit for their strong approval rates, superior credit limits, and ability to deliver exceptional customer service. Accepted at thousands of locations nationwide, Alphaeon Credit helps patients get the care they need and that their doctors recommend. For more information, please visit