Eyeworld Article Puts Fresh Lens on
Co-Management Best Practices

CoFi introduced in EyeWorld article about co-management of refractive cataract procedures.


Ophthalmology practices have used co-management for refractive surgeries for years. With an increase in the number of surgical procedures performed every year, these practices are relying on a team approach to improve the patient experience before, during, and after a surgery.

Co-management also means that surgical procedures will include fees from multiple parties — e.g., the surgeon, co-managing OD, and ASC. In a recent article published in ASCRS Eyeworld, Tal Raviv, M.D. of Eye Center of New York states there are 4 main points to consider for co-management: 1) Patient Choice, 2) Price Transparency, 3) Fair Market Value, and 4) Payment Separation.

Referring to his final point, Dr. Raviv highlights how his practice uses CoFi to improve his patient’s overall experience and to follow best practice guidelines around the handling of co-management fees for premium services. With CoFi, patients pay each provider directly, in separate transactions, but with one, convenient payment event for the patient.

“During surgical booking, it’s as simple as a few clicks to present a patient with a complete, detailed, multi-party invoice of their upcoming procedure. With one credit card ‘swipe,’ the patient is able to make direct payments to each of the providers. My practice has been using CoFi for more than a year with great feedback."

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