CoFi CEO, Sean Hanlon, Joined the Ophthalmology Business Academy’s Podcast: The Patient Payment Experience in 2023 and Beyond

CoFi delivers many benefits – improved patient satisfaction, staff efficiency, and cash flow – for surgery centers.


CoFi co-founder and CEO, Sean Hanlon, joined Guido Piquet, COE, COO of Mann Eye Institute, on the Ophthalmology Business Academy’s podcast in a discussion about the importance of the Patient Payment Experience as part of their overall experience with your practice.

Practices offering premium services – advanced technology, premium IOLs, LASIK, RLE and more – pay copious amounts of attention to detail about the patient’s experience from appointment setting through post-procedure follow-up.

However, that experience can fall apart when it comes time for the patient to pay. For surgical procedures, patients often encounter 2, 3, and sometimes 4 different payment events, including:

* The practice

* The ASC or hospital

* A co-managing optometrist

Patients electing a premium service should have far-better payment experience. We can book a flight, hotel and car rental all at once. CoFi asks: Why can’t that same superior payment experience exist for premium procedures?

This was an enjoyable conversation led by Guido, who runs an amazing practice. Listen here:

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