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We’re excited to announce that CoFi was featured as the product spotlight in the most recent issue of Ophthalmology Management. The publishers recognized that CoFi provides a valuable service to surgeons and practice administrators and wanted to highlight our product in this article. The editors interviewed Sean Hanlon, CoFi’s CEO, to learn more about our company, how the product works to facilitate compliance around co-management payments, and why patients should no longer have to make multiple payments to different providers at different points in time.

We also introduced the publishers to Gregory Parkhurst, M.D., LASIK and cataract surgeon, founder at Parkhurst NuVision, and CoFi customer since August 2021, who provided insights into his practice’s experience with CoFi. Using CoFi, Parkhust NuVision has made paying for premium surgeries easier for their patients. Patients no longer have to pay different parties at different points in time for surgical procedures. “It’s so convenient for the patient now. They simply run their card once at our practice and pay for the entire surgery. As importantly, through CoFi, each party collects from the patient in separate transactions. It's made the patient experience just so much more streamlined and modern,” explained Dr. Parkhurst.

With CoFi, your patients can pay two or more parties — e.g., your practice, the ASC, and even a co-managing optometrist — right at your office. The patient has one convenient payment event. And each party compliantly charges the patient separately and collects directly from the patient. CoFi is like putting the card readers and check deposit apps of everyone you work with right in your office.

You can read the full article here.

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