Customer Testimonial: Parkhurst NuVision

A growing number of ophthalmologists and administrators share their experience using CoFi to provide a better patient payment experience.

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We recently interviewed Gregory Parkhurst, M.D., LASIK and cataract surgeon, and founder at Parkhurst NuVision, to gain insights into his practice’s experience with CoFi.

Located in San Antonio, the practice maintains a sizeable network of referring optometrists. Parkhurst NuVision has been a CoFi customer since August 2021.

Using CoFi, their patients no longer have to pay different parties at different points in time for surgical procedures. “It’s so convenient for the patient now. They simply run their card once at our practice and pay for the entire surgery. As importantly, through CoFi, each party collects from the patient in separate transactions. It's made the patient experience just so much more streamlined and modern.”

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