CoFi mentioned in EyeWorld as a tool that has improved Ophthalmologists’ practices in the wake of COVID-19

ASCRS members provide updates on the positive changes they've seen in their practices.


There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with our surroundings. That’s no different for ophthalmologists and patient care. In a recent article in Eye World, the publication's journalists reached out to ASCRS members to ask them how their practices have changed in the past year.

Tal Raviv, M.D. of Eye Center of New York and Chief Medical Officer at CoFi was quoted in the article. He stated his practice has experienced an increase in the number of co-management refractive surgeries and that he now uses CoFi to create a compliant payment event for all parties.

Dr. Raviv said “... we utilize CoFi to improve our compliance and transparency with refractive service fees. CoFi allows us to generate a multi-party invoice, where the patient swipes their credit card once and simultaneously makes direct payments to the surgeon, postoperative OD, and facility.”

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Doesn't a simpler payment solution for co-managed patients sound great?