Over 1,200 Doctors Now Use CoFi

CoFi is excited to announce that over 1,200 doctors are on the CoFi platform. This represents 400% growth since the start of 2022.


CoFi’s initial focus has been in Ophthalmology, where our product enables patients to conveniently and directly pay the multiple providers – at once, but in separate transactions – involved in a surgical procedure. The doctors who joined CoFi have been part of over 10,000 patient payments.

This continuing rapid adoption is reflective of the value our product delivers to practices today:

  • CoFi extends a practice’s superior patient experience to finally include the patient’s payment experience. Patients no longer have to make 2, 3, or 4 payments to different entities, such as the surgeon, ASC, and co-managing provider. CoFi makes paying each provider as easy as booking a flight, a hotel, and a car all at once.

  • CoFi facilitates compliance in handling payments, ensuring the patient pays each party directly and separately. With CoFi, the surgical practice can avoid collecting lens fees for the ASC or co-management fees for optometrists. Moreover, CoFi eliminates the hassle and burden on the patient and providers.

  • CoFi is like putting the credit card readers and check deposit apps of everyone the surgical practice works with right at their front desk – and we’ve made this product particularly easy to use.

“I am very proud of our team. We’ve assembled a talented, smart, and driven set of individuals who are laser-focused on our customers,” said Sean Hanlon, CoFi Co-founder and CEO. “Likewise, I’m grateful for our customers who have helped drive our product development to meet their needs and who continue spreading the word about CoFi throughout the industry.”

As our customer roster grows by the week, we’re excited to see CoFi’s use expand amongst our customers. For example, The Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha began using CoFi for co-managed premium IOL and LASIK procedures and now also uses CoFi for all premium procedures performed at an external ASC, co-managed or not.

“I would tell any administrator or surgeon that CoFi is a no-brainer. It makes everything smoother and easier for your patients, the optometrists you co-manage with, and any surgery center you work with,” said Krishna Sanka, M.D. “It is a situation where everybody wins.”

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