A breakthrough in compliance and patient convenience for Ophthalmology practices.

Simple, compliant co-management payments, and a better overall payment experience for your premium patients — co-managed or not.

Never again accept payment on behalf of the co-managing OD

Never again require your patients to cut 2 checks or have to call the OD office to have the card run over the phone

Eliminate the entire, confusing discussion with the patient at the point of conversion

Extend CoFi's platform to include the facility in a single payment — to the delight of your patients

Greatly enhance your partnerships with co-managing providers

Multi-party invocing

Join hundreds of ophthalmology practices that use CoFi.

“We’re much more efficient [with CoFi]. When the patient goes to pay, we simply login to CoFi to process the invoice, and the patient pays each party separately.”

Guido Piquet
COO at Mann Eye Institute

"CoFi offers a huge benefit for our practice, our patients, our comanaging providers, and the surgery center. It takes something that can be a source of confusion and angst, and makes it into a compliant, streamlined, efficient, and easy-to-understand process."

Paul Singh, M.D.
The Eye Centers of Racine & Kenosha

“CoFi is a more efficient way for us to manage patient payments. For patients, they’re able to pay the different entities all at the same time in separate transactions.”

Gregory Parkhurst, M.D.
LASIK & Cataract Surgeon and Founder at Parkhurst NuVision

Finally: Simple, compliant co-management payments.

Every practice that co-manages premium cases knows how much compliance matters. The surgical practice should never collect on behalf of the optometrist. And collecting checks made out to the OD and delivering them is a no-no, as well. CoFi was conceived and built to address this fundamental need: Compliance. Now, you can bill and collect patient payments for your practice, the OD practice (and the facility, if you like). Through CoFi's payment engine, the patient pays each entity separately and directly. Around this, we have built tools that will delight your patients and staff, and bring you closer to your referring partners.

Beyond co-management: A better experience for all of your premium patients.

Your patients who elect to spend thousands of dollars on premium lenses, laser cataract surgery, LASIK, RLE, ICLs, and more ... deserve a better payment experience. If you co-manage premium procedures, CoFi aggregates your practice, the OD, and the facility into a single payment. If you don't co-manage self-pay procedures, CoFi enables the patient to pay you and the facility at once.

Eliminate the confusion of who the patient needs to pay when. Present everything on a single, easily digestible invoice

Eliminate patient frustration of getting multiple bills from multiple providers — everyone is paid upfront

Take control over the entire experience: The patient pays you, so you own the messaging around price and value.

Own the cancellation process, too: If surgery is cancelled, you make it easy for the patient to be 100% refunded with the click of a button

Better patient experience

Improved efficiency for your practice.

We've talked to enough surgical coordinators to know that explaining the cost, the entities involved, who the patient needs to pay, and for what ... is time-consuming and can be confusing for older patients. What's more, the front desk is often tasked with collecting the payment, and often has to go over everything a second time. CoFi is incredibly easy to use. Setting up an invoice and processing payment takes 60 seconds or less. The information is crystal clear for the patient. And the discussion around payment goes away.

Incredibly simple to use.

We built CoFi to be low-stress, minimizing work for staff and making life easier for your practice and patients. It takes just 5 minutes to send us the information to set up your Merchant Account on CoFi.

Connect Your Partners

CoFi will work with you to recruit and onboard your OD partners and (optionally) your ASC and hospital facilities.

Add Procedures and Fees

For each premium / self-pay procedure, your fees, co-management fee, and facility charges (e.g., room, lens, laser) are all loaded into CoFi.

Create Multi-party Invoices & Payments

With fee and partner information pre-loaded, you're ready to go. Setting up invoices in CoFi takes 30 seconds — and payments are processed in 30 seconds, too.

Simple software

World class account set-up and support.

CoFi's customer success team is here to get your key partners onto the CoFi platform. If you co-manage premium procedures, we'll help recruit and onboard your OD partners. If not, we'll work with you to get the facilities (ASCs, Hospitals) where you do surgery on board. There are compelling benefits to each party to join CoFi.

Your Practice

CoFi can onboard your practice and set you up with a Merchant account in minutes.

Your OD Network

We have considerable experience working closely with optometrists, and apply that (in concert with you) to recruit your OD network to CoFi.

ASCs & Hospitals

Facilities are part of every premium procedure (co-managed or not) — and represent a key pain point for patients when it comes to payment.

Request a CoFi demo and discussion today.