Thousands of Optometrists are on CoFi

Co-management of premium cataract and LASIK patients is fraught with issues for optometrists: From sacrificing revenue when the patient skips post-op care, to an overall lack of transparency, to very real compliance risks, and more. CoFi's collaborative payment platform addresses all of these issues and more for optometric practices. With CoFi, patients pay your practice at the same time they pay the surgeon.


Anti-Kick Back laws and ethics require patients to pay you directly for your work. With CoFi, patients pay you in a single transaction.

Happier Patients

CoFi eliminates you having to ask for and collect high $ payment from the patient after their surgery. (This can free them up to spend on glasses and other services, too.)

Upfront Payments

CoFi helps improve your cash flow — you are paid upfront, just like the surgeon.

Increased Revenue

A notable percentage of cataract and LASIK patients skip one or more post-op visits. CoFi ensures you collect this revenue every time.

Visibility and Reporting

CoFi provides reporting on all your co-managed patients, so you can view upcoming procedure dates, and assess activity both by surgeon and by each OD in your practice.

Better Relationships with Surgeons

Greater visibility reduces confusion. Never again wonder what's happening with co-management — with a practice, a particular surgeon, or a specific patient

Virtually no effort required.

CoFi is incredibly easy for optometric practices to use.

Step One: Merchant Setup (5 Minutes)

CoFi will collect the business information required for you to receive payments as a Merchant.

Step Two: Review

For each of the Ophthalmology practices you work with, you can review your per-procedure co-management fees in CoFi.

Step 3: See Everything in CoFi

See upcoming surgery dates, payments made, and deposits to your bank account — by patient, by surgeon, and by OD in your practice.

Collaborative payments

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