Product Updates

CoFi's innovation model is customer centric. Our guiding principle is to make CoFi as valuable as possible for you, your patients, and your surgical partners -- while keeping it extremely easy to use. Many of our improvements are a direct response to your input and needs — please keep the suggestions coming!

Below is a list of recent updates and new features we've added to your CoFi account.

Partial Refunds – and Multi-party Partial Refunds

Now, any CoFi customer can issue a refund to the patient for their portion of the transaction – either in full or as a partial refund. Simply put, if the patient paid $300, you can now refund any amount, up to $300, back to the patient. (Note: We'll be turning this feature on for customers between 3/30 and 4/30.) Ophthalmology practices can also issue multi-party refunds – for both the full amount or for a partial amount. Here are some common use cases for partial refunds: 1. The procedure is cancelled after payment was processed. The OMD practice can initiate a full refund for each party involved in the transaction. Each party gets a notification about the refund. And the OMD practice can relay a reason for the refund in that notification to the other parties. 2. The procedure is ‘downgraded’. Let’s say the procedure changes from a multi-focal to a toric IOL. The premium fees and the lens cost are need to be reduced. Now, the OMD practice can issue a refund just for the difference – and initiate that for all parties who were previously paid. Initially, partial refunds are not available when the patient paid with 2 cards, simply because multi-party refunds across 2 cards is tricky. We'll have that functionality in the next release.

Email the Receipt to Patients

We continue to improve the post-payment information and tools available to you. Now, ophthalmology practices can email the receipt to the patient. As shown on the right, simply click on the receipt and you’ll be presented with the option of Print (PDF) and Send via Email. If you pre-entered the email when you created the invoice, it will already be here. Otherwise, type the email and press send.

More Payment Details!

We've completely overhauled -- in a good way -- the payment details screen for surgical practice accounts. Now, you can see more payment details, who in your practice processed a payment or refund, and more. Users also now see a timeline of each payment, from payment-through-deposit and any refunds -- almost like tracking a FedEx package. As a reminder, users also can download payment details from the Paid Invoices menu item, and view monthly statements in the Deposits menu item. CoFi's objective is to give you access to the information any way you might want to have it, whether on-screen or via .csv downloads.

Multi-party Patient Financing is Here!

We could not be more excited about this new product within CoFi. Customers have asked us since Day 1, "does CoFi work if the patient wants to use financing?" Now, through our partnership with Alphaeon Credit, the answer is YES. Your patients conveniently can finance the entire cost of a procedure – including both your fees and your surgical partners’ fees. Funds are distributed directly to each party, ensuring the same critical payment compliance CoFi provides for card- and check-based payments. And your surgical partners (e.g., ODs and ASCs) do not need to sign up for Alphaeon!

Be sure to contact us for more information at


Anesthesiology (and other Surgical Partners) Can Now be Added to Your CoFi Account

CoFi already enables surgical practices to partner with optometrists and ASCs. Now, anesthesiology can be included on patient invoices and patients can pay the anesthesiology bill at the same time they pay you, the facility, and OD. In fact, ANY surgical partner, such as a pharmacy or manufacturer (e.g., for drops or a click fee), can be added to your CoFi account. Talk to your CoFi contact for more information.

Monthly Deposit Statements

CoFi gives you payment and deposit data multiple ways. Payment data is available on the screen and in downloadable .csv files. Deposit data is available by both deposit totals (batches of payments) and line-item detail. Now, at the request of our customers, CoFi has added Monthly Statements. These are downloadable .csv files with line-item deposit data for each month. They're available back to your first month of use. If you have any questions, please contact us any time either directly or at

Splitting Payments between Cards

We know many patients want to use more than one card to pay for their procedure. We've made this possible for the multi-party payments CoFi facilitates. And we've made it easy, as always: As you process the payment, simply click "Split between 2 Cards" and enter the amount the patient wants to put on the 1st card. The 2nd amount is automatically calculated for you – no math for you to do!

The "Magic Button" — Multi-party Refunds

When a surgery is cancelled after a patient has paid, CoFi makes it incredibly easy to initiate a refund for all parties with the click of a button. Clicking on the ‘Refund Entire Payment’ button initiates a refund for your practice and each party that was included on the invoice and that previously charged the patient. Your partners (ODs, ASCs, etc.) appreciate not having to take any action. They're notified that the refund is occurring, and you can include a reason for the refund in the notification. The patient sees all charges credited back to their account.