NEW: Multi-party Patient Financing is Here!

Though our partnership with Alphaeon Credit, CoFi now allows you to offer a single financing event to your patients — for procedures involving multiple parties' fees.

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CoFi has solved the issues around patient convenience & compliance when patients elect to finance their procedures.

When patients want to use financing, they want to finance the entire procedure.

It's suboptimal if they have to come up with funds to pay the OD or ASC separately. Sometimes, they won't go through with the premium procedure.

But including other parties' fees in the loan can create real compliance issues and administrative burden.

You have to get those funds to your surgical partners, which means writing them a check, tracking payments, and more.

And it's impossible to get everyone on the same financing program.

Optometrists and ASCs may not offer financing at all, or may offer an entirely different set of plans.

So let's make all of this work for you, your patients, and your partners.

One easy-to-use solution, fully integrated with Alphaeon Credit, that handles loan funds conveniently and compliantly.

CoFi's Innovative
Multi-party Patient
Financing Solution:

✔ One convenient loan for the patient

✔ All parties' fees included

✔ Loan funds go directly to each party

✔ ODs and ASCs don't need to sign-up with Alphaeon

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"With the CoFi-Alphaeon solution, we no longer have to inconvenience our patients by requiring them to come up with funds or a separate loan to pay the co-managing optometrist or other third party like the surgery center."

Gregory Parkhurst, M.D.
LASIK & Cataract Surgeon, Founder, Parkhurst NuVision

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